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Saskatoon Tickets

Saskatoon Tickets

Aunties Say The Deadliest Things
September 11, 2022

Host: Dakota Ray Hebert
Performances by:
Annie Brass, Cheyenna Sapp,
Crystal LaPlante, Ezra Forest
& Tenille K Campbell.
Drag performance by:
Chelazon Leroux

Venue: Park Town Hotel
924 Spadina Crescent E
Saskatoon, SK
Show Time: 2 PM

IndigE-girl Comedy brings to you Saskatoon’s funniest Indigenous comedians in Auntie’s Say The Deadliest Things. Saskatoon’s spiciest aunties will share their most snagalicious accounts, leaving you wanting more. 

Auntie’s Say the Deadliest Things brings a hilarious cast of female and Two-Spirited Indigenous comedians to the stage in the Cedar Room at The Park Town Hotel on Sunday, September 11, 2022. Hosted by Dakota Ray Hebert, the showcase highlights Saskatoon’s funniest Indigenous female comedians, alongside a guest performance by Canada’s Drag Race star, Chelazon Leroux. Dont miss out on this Auntie extravaganza!