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IndigE-girl Comedy

What is IndigE-girl Comedy

IndigE-girl Comedy is a network of Indigenous female comedians across Canada and provides development opportunities for Indigenous women in comedy. In 2021, IndigE-girl Comedy started as a response to a lack of representation of Indigenous women in the comedy circuit. Since then, IndigE-girl has hosted four sold out shows in Vancouver, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, and Toronto, and has lead to more Indigenous women producing comedy shows. Each show offers an digital workshop for comedians to work together.

Upcoming shows in 2023 will be in Whitehorse, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Registration for workshops in Whitehorse is now open.

Previous Shows


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Aunties

December 8, 2022

Host: Savannah Erasmus

Performances by:
Nyla Carpentier, Brenda Prince, Ticia Aks, Raven John, Laura Lewis, & Nicole Etitiq

Music by:
DJ Mynxy


Aunties Say The Deadliest Things

September 11, 2022

Host: Dakota Ray Hebert

Performances by:
Annie Brass, Tenille Campbell, Crystal LaPlante, Ezra Forest, Andrea Omer
& Cheyenna Sapp.

Drag Performance by: Chelazon Leroux


Come ‘N Get Your Auntie

May 7, 2022

Host: Dakota Ray Hebert

Performances By:
Jo Macdonald, Heather Bjorklund, Shelby Tobacco, Sherry Mckay,
& Skinny Kookoo

Workshop Facilitator: Issa Kixen


Sketch Comedy Show

November 25, 2021

Denise McLeod, Samantha Mandamin, Jamie Whitecrow, Lena Recollet & Janet Antone.

Performances by:
Stephanie Pangowish & Cherish Violet Blood

Workshop Dramaturgy:
Alessandra Vite and Paloma Nuñez