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IndigE-girl Comedy

What is IndigE-girl Comedy

IndigE-girl Comedy is a network of Indigenous female comedians across Canada and provides development opportunities for Indigenous women in comedy. In 2021, IndigE-girl Comedy started as a response to a lack of representation of Indigenous women in the comedy circuit. Since then, IndigE-girl has hosted six sold out shows in Vancouver, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Whitehorse, and Toronto. IndigE-girl has lead to more Indigenous women producing comedy shows.

Upcoming Events

The Airing of Grievances

Prepare for our exciting double-show debut, featuring both new comedians and the return of some of British Columbia’s most talented comics, alongside our dedicated mentors from IndigE-girl. This extravaganza is a must-see event!

7PM performances by:
Alana Obey, JB The First Lady, Wanda John,
Inismi Luke, Teagyn Vallevand, Kaitlynn Brightnose
Hosted by: Debbie Courchene

9PM performances by:
Ticia Aks, Brenda Prince, Meg MacKay, Issa Kixen,
Dakota Ray Hebert, and a special performance by Chelazon Leroux
Hosted by: Savannah Erasmus

Previous Shows

Vancouver Open Mic

Tailgate Comedy

Host: Brenda Prince

Performances by:
Alana Obey, Megan Rosso, Kim Currie, Debbie Courchene, Sasha Mark,
Adonis King & Tin Lorica


IndigE-girl Comedy presents Spring Showers, Auntie Flowers

Spring Showers, Auntie Flowers

June 3, 2023

Host: Nicole Etitiq

Performances by:
Marta Rogers, Melaina Sheldon,
Jazz Vance Johnson, Debbie Courchene, Ticia Aks, & Teagyn Vallevand


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Aunties

December 8, 2022

Host: Savannah Erasmus

Performances by:
Nyla Carpentier, Brenda Prince, Ticia Aks, Raven John, Laura Lewis, & Nicole Etitiq

Music by:
DJ Mynxy


Aunties Say The Deadliest Things

September 11, 2022

Host: Dakota Ray Hebert

Performances by:
Annie Brass, Tenille Campbell, Crystal LaPlante, Ezra Forest, Andrea Omer
& Cheyenna Sapp.

Drag Performance by: Chelazon Leroux


Come ‘N Get Your Auntie

May 7, 2022

Host: Dakota Ray Hebert

Performances By:
Jo Macdonald, Heather Bjorklund, Shelby Tobacco, Sherry Mckay,
& Skinny Kookoo

Workshop Facilitator: Issa Kixen


Sketch Comedy Show

November 25, 2021

Denise McLeod, Samantha Mandamin, Jamie Whitecrow, Lena Recollet & Janet Antone.

Performances by:
Stephanie Pangowish & Cherish Violet Blood

Workshop Dramaturgy:
Alessandra Vite and Paloma Nuñez