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IndigE-girl Comedy

IndigE-girl Comedy is a series of workshops held nationally across Turtle Island to support the development of female and LGBTQA2S people in comedy. Safe spaces workshops for Indigenous women focusing on building skills in comedy.

Auntie in Da Woods

“Auntie In Da Woods” is a short comedic episode produced for the National Arts Centre: Transformations Project. The quintessential lost Nish, Auntie Margaret, finds herself on a quest to find medicines in the Coast Salish Territories to find what it takes to transform our society for the betterment of all.

In Development

Auntie Colonial Sketch Show

In the bustling heart of Toronto, four best friends set out on a hilarious journey to reconnect their cultural roots at the Wiki Powwow on Manitoulin Island. Along the way, they cross paths with quirky rez characters, bizarre settlers, and a formidable Sasquatch enthusiast who threatens their dreams. This powwow odyssey challenges their perception of Indigenous identity in an ultramodern world.