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Come ‘N’ Get Your Auntie

Come ‘N Get Your Auntie brings a hilarious cast of female Indigenous comedians to the stage for the Winnipeg Comedy Festival on May 7th. A few of favourite your Aunties come together to share comedic stories that combat the undertones of settler bullshit. This stand-up comedy line up lets you in on the joy, laughter and humour that has always been a part of the Indigenous way of life. In Come ‘N Get Your Auntie, you’ll meet characters and stories that have been lighting up these lands for generations.

Host: Issa Kixen
Performances by:
Skinny Kookoo, Sherry McKay, Jo MacDonald, Shelby Tobacco, and Heather Bjorklund.

Venue: Gas Station Theatre
445 River Avenue, Winnipeg MB